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Clutch Global Logistics

Looking for an Efficient and Compliant Supply Chain? We Can Help

We know that you need your supply chain to run seamlessly. We also know that you need a logistics partner who looks out for your interests, advises you of opportunities to improve and save and makes logistics easy for your team, suppliers and customers. We offer a range of services to assist you.

Why work
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We Believe The Very Best Results Come from Great Values and a Customer Focused Approach


We focus on your supply chain. Not just one link in the chain.


We’re just like you, we value honesty. You'll always be the first to know of any changes.


A single point of contact for your shipment, from start to finish. No automated phone trees with multiple prompts, just live people who care.


We will call/email you with updates.


24/7 web tracking with ALL major shipment details including estimated delivery.