About Us

International Logistics is Finally Living Up to Its Potential

Clutch Global Logistics, Inc. was founded on the belief that international logistics should be a positive and accessible experience for customers, period. Consider us your logistics partner. We are here to ensure that each and every international logistics experience is as positive as possible.

We’re Different in a Very Good Way

Let’s be direct, we know the forwarding industry has a bad reputation. Nearly everyone in logistics has a horror story to tell. We’re different.

At Clutch Global Logistics, we established the highest standards in the forwarding industry and then consistently live up to those standards each and every day. When we investigated the most common complaints it was easy to see that the frustrations were not only justified, but that the root causes were often easily avoidable. Most complaints stemmed from the industry’s general approach to customers. Many providers made shipment volumes and margins more important than the customers who were making the bookings, but not Clutch Global Logistics.

We Always Put the Customer First, No Exceptions

We’ve made the primary focus the customer again and we know you’re going to love the results. Clutch Global Logistics was to be built from the ground up around the customer’s experience and the determination that the common industry complaints would become our top strengths. While our services may be similar to others in the freight industry, how we provide those services are in the league all of their own. We’ve successfully maintained our customer focus approach for over two decades and counting!

Take Advantage of Our Industry Leading Communication

“When something goes wrong with a shipment, my forwarder disappears and so do my updates.”

Not with Clutch. We over communicate and update IF things go wrong

“Our shipments are our lifeline but no one there seems to care.”

Not with Clutch. Your personalized account team will handle all of your shipments, learn your needs and expectations, and ensure you get the attention you deserve. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

“No one told me we were doing it wrong.”

Not with Clutch. We focus on partnering with our customers, consulting them on best practices, and keeping them compliant.

The Basic Facts:

  • Founded in 1993
  • USA Headquarters - Northlake, Illinois
  • OTI#: 003824NF
  • NVOCC#: 021371
  • IATA#: 01-1-9106/0010
  • IAC#: GL9505004
  • C-TPAT Certified
  • US Customs Filing Code: ERP
  • US DOT: 2839243
  • FMCSA: MC 950626
  • ACE Customs System Registered User