Ocean FCL Import Specialist

Operations - Import - Lombard, Illinois

Job Type: Full-Time (No Travel Required)

Company: Clutch Global Logistics, Inc.

Work Location: Hybrid (Partially Remote & Partially at 555 Waters Edge Suite 150 Lombard, IL 60148)

Basic Overview of Role and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will assume responsibility for the below functions.

  • Coordinate with overseas agents to process, approve, and facilitate import FCL bookings.
  • Provide US based customers with shipping options and obtain booking approvals.
  • Strategically select carriers, routings, and schedules to meet custom needs..
  • Process and handle shipments from booking through to delivery.
  • Track and trace shipment progress.
  • Coordinate with internal US Customs team or external customer broker to ensure timely filing of ISF and US Customs clearance.
  • Complete all costing and rating for billing purposes before submitting to revenue collection department.
  • Design solutions for customer issues and challenges.
  • Develop solutions to meet the needs of prospect RFP's and RFQ's.
  • Provide lane rates and spot quotes for current customer requests and prospective client requests in support of the business development team.

Possible responsibilities of more experienced applicants may include the below.

  • Negotiate FCL contracts with major steamship lines.
  • Develop pricing strategies and manage the company's FCL carrier portfolio.
  • Serve as the company's subject matter expert on import FCL for operations, sales, and customers.
  • Stay up-to-date on major trade lane information associated with your role.


General Traits Needed for Success:

The ideal candidate will possess and display the below attributes.

  • Positive Attitude - Maintains a good outlook toward work, coworkers, and customers; Displays excellent customer service and leaves customers smiling; Strives to affect others positively.
  • Work Standards - Consistently establishes work processes to achieve a high level of productivity and superior results; Overcomes obstacles to finish the assignment; Accepts responsibility for all outcomes of one's work; Recognizes shortcomings and works to overcome and improve; Learns from failures but is not deterred by them.
  • Managing Work - Balances multiple and often conflicting priorities; effectively manages time; Ability to multitask.
  • Initiating Action - Acts proactively to solve problems even if they may not be directly their own; Develops new ideas and solutions without prompting; does not wait for direction; Identifies solutions proactively; Exceed job requirements.
  • Decision Making - Able to operate in an autonomous environment; works well under pressure; Balances multiple and often conflicting priorities; Comfortable with asking for help; Uses logic to think through decisions; Consistently attempts solving problems/making decisions prior to seeking help.
  • Collaboration - Works effectively in a team; Facilitates mutually beneficial relationships; Strives to achieve team goals; Able to put personal differences aside for the benefit of the team; Proactively offers to help.
  • Building Trust - Dedicated to honesty; Hold to commitments; Earns the trust of others both internally and externally. Gives respect and compassion.
  • Adaptability - Views changes and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; Has a positive attitude and overcomes challenges; Flexible and able to quickly and effectively modify to cope with work environment changes; Alters ineffective behaviors accordingly.
  • Information Technology Fluency - Comfortable with most basic productivity hardware and software; Basic ability to manipulate, store, delete, copy, and move digital files; Intermediate knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Experience of an Ideal Candidate:

In addition to the above, all candidates must meet the below minimum requirements:

  • More than 2 years experience working in an import FCL role
  • Experience working with drayage deliveries

It is preferred, but not required, that candidates have the following

  • Related professional experience working with CargoWise system
  • Experience negotiating ocean contracts
  • Experience as a trade lane manager, ideally on the transpacific east bound lane



  • Salary
  • Potential for Performance Bonus (individual & team)


  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • 401k Savings Plan (Traditional & Roth Plans)
  • Annual Corporate Sponsored 401k Contributions
  • Health Insurance - employee and dependents PPO & HMO offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield (Majority Funded by Employer)
  • Dental Insurance - employee and dependents (Majority Funded by Employer)
  • Vision Insurance - employee and dependents (Fully Funded by Employer)
  • Short-term & Long-term Disability Insurance (Fully Funded by Employer)
  • Group Life Insurance (Fully Funded by Employer)
  • Various Additional Perks & Benefits

For company information please visit us at www.clutchgl.com

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